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Dated 1944, covers transmission, transfer case, drive shafts, axles, springs, shocks, steering, body and frame (chassis). Profusely illustrated, this reprint covers reassembly of everything from battery box to transfer case and all body parts.Bruce Paroissien ran into this problem in the course of his duties as a volunteer at the Puffing Billy Preservation Society Museum in Menzies Creek (Melbourne) Victoria.I've reproduced Bruce's words below (with his permission): I have been told that Power Kerosene can be made using a mixture of kerosene and mineral turps in a 50/50 (or 1:1) ratio.This is our current catalogue of books and manuals for Farm Machinery, Magnetos, Stationary Engines, Tractors, Cars and Military Vehicles. Testimonials re Fordson Major & R4 Caterpillar etc. Open Crank: Type 'W' 3 & 4hp Hopper Cooled, Type 'W" 8, 10 & 12 hp Screen Cooled. A must for Chev owners and most helpful for other Vintage car enthusiasts. Driving & Maintenance Manual for Willys-Overland Model MB (4x4) and Ford Model GPW (4x4) Trucks ¼ ton (USA) also includes 2 wheel, 8cwt Trailers, covers general specs, routine maintenance, operating instructions, lube schedule, fault finding and types of trailers in use for the ¼ ton Jeep. All titles are high quality reprints- unless otherwise stated. (see full list below in Stationary Engines) Plus - Shearing and crutching plants - "Post", "SF", "Little Wonder" and "Contractor" - set-up, maintenance, including the 'EB' handpiece instructions and care of grinding combs and cutters. Type 'K' 1 ½ hp, Type 'KA' 2 hp, Type 'KB' 3 hp, Type 'KF' 3 hp, Type 'K' 6 hp, Type 'K' 8 hp Enclosed Crank: 'TB' (CT2) 2 hp, 'TC' (CT3) 3 hp, 'TD' (CT4) 4 hp. Fortunately most of them will operate just as well on petrol (gasoline).But from time to time an engine just won't go right on modern petrol.

Thanks Hello Ian, Your engine certainly looks very much like my CM, but as I am away from home at present I can not easily check dimensions etc, which you could compare. It has a Cooper badge on it,so a Cooper made by R/T. Serial numbers, models, any information on any product built or sold by AH Mc Donald & Co. 0427 343 763 Register for all Allis Chalmers tractors, crawlers and machinery. Email: [email protected]: a club), helps Howard enthusiasts seek out other individuals, locating parts, literature and assistance within its own membership network. Contact Co-ordinator, Robert Moore, Ph/Fax (02) 6845 3279. Hello Chad, Plough Book Sales list an instruction folder, 8 pages, for the Type N engines.Think the 1.5 to 3 hp are all near identical, so it should be what you need.

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