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https:// Our daily activities have been polluting the ocean for centuries, this problem was magnified after World War II.Industries started manufacturing and synthesizing materials that were very harmful to the environment such as plastic products and inorganic pesticides.With the majority of our Depave Paradise projects being at schools, we’re used to planting trees, rain gardens, native plant gardens and outdoor education spaces, but this particular community group had a different idea in mind!In Fall 2017, residents from the North End community and Welcome Inn Community Centre – New Horizons Thrift Store partnered with Green Venture to Depave. North was all broken asphalt and chipped compacted stone.In the Spring, the community will reseed the system with creeping thyme and sedums.The secondary goal of this Depave Paradise project was parking lot beautification to increase pride in the North end.Coli, Giardia and Cryptosporidium from water in a natural setting.Each filter has the capability to make up to 1,000 liters of contaminated water safe to drink.

Apparently you can buy a specially-designed water bottle to enclose the straw, although ours didn’t come with that.

Green Venture staff used the Lifestraws during the 2017 summer camp season, as part of our off-site emergency supply kits.

By reducing fuel consumption necessary to boil and purify water, the filters also have the possibility of reducing one’s carbon footprint, especially in area without a municipal water filtration system.

Green Venture recently received a donation of Lifestraw Personal Water Filters.

The personal water filters, which look like a baton tube with a filter camp on the end, remove bacteria such as E.

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