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Then, Mike & Ryan sell an extremely weird sideshow car to a girlfriend who wants to take it to a more morbid level.

BEST OF ODDITIES Premieres on December 31, 2011 at PM (ET/PT) It's a trip down memory lane with Mike & Evan as they relive the very best of everything odd from the first two seasons.- Aimer World is Free Dating Sites Australia No Credit Card Needed,. When Ryan shows up to pick her up she is talking to Zach, a band member. Still Life with Vine Tomato Avocado Half Original Painting by Abbey Ryan. In Delhi Laos Dating Personals, Is Ryan From Oddities Still Dating Monique,. account Blind date dating sites oddities ryan and monique still dating.. Oddities is a half-hour documentaryreality television program which follows the. Since its premiere, ODDITIES has won over legions of viewers and inspired "colorful" collectors throughout the U. and beyond to seek out Obscura's purveyors of peculiarities: Mike, Evan and Ryan.Season three of ODDITIES premieres Saturday, December 17, at PM (ET/PT) on SCIENCE.

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