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Many authors today are claiming new insights into the Scriptures, the alleged discovery of missing books of the Bible, and other bogus claims against the Christian faith.A prime example is the blasphemous Da Vinci Code which portrays Jesus Christ as a failure who had an adulterous relationship with Mary Magdalene.Independent Baptist churches (some also called Independent Fundamental Baptist, or IFB) are Christian congregations, generally holding to conservative (primarily fundamentalist) Baptist beliefs.The term "independent" refers to the doctrinal position of church autonomy and a refusal to join any affiliated convention or hierarchical structure.Other frauds are the Gospel of Judas and the Book of Enoch. One such teaching of Hinn's is that each member of the Godhead is subdivided into three more persons, totaling NINE. As mentioned earlier, there is NO such thing as The Baptist Church; however, I am personally convinced that Independent Fundamental Baptist Churcheswho use only the King James Bibleand go door-to-door soulwinning regularlyand the pastor preaches against sinand the Lord Jesus Christ and His Word are upliftedcome closest to the New Testament Church as taught in the Scriptures.I recently heard a preacher criticize other preachers who are overzealous of the Baptist denomination. He is simply saying that being a Christian is the most important thing and we ought not shun genuine Christian brothers and sisters from other denominations (or no denomination). All born-again believers are members of the Body of Christ, which will assemble for the first time at the Rapture when Christ returns for His own.

The church which Jesus Christ founded in His earthly life and ministry is commonly referred to as the New Testament Church.

We all need to be like John the Baptist, who wasn't concerned with the latest fashions, trends nor political correctness. This includes the Deity of Christ, the Godhead (Trinity), the Virgin Birth, the Physical Blood Sacrifice of Jesus, His Sinless life, Christ's Death upon the cross, His Burial and Bodily Resurrection, Salvation by grace through faith Without Works, a Hell that burns with fire, a Literal Heaven, the Eternal Punishment of the Damned and other fundamental doctrines of the Christian faith.

Fundamental means avoided new and strange doctrines that are foreign to the Historical Christian faith.

The Body of Christ is composed of believers from Baptist, Presbyterian, Methodist and numerous other Christian denominations.

Rice (1895-1980) that there's no such thing as The Baptist Church.

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