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I was born and raised in Taiwan, but have lived in Paris for the last 30 years.

But what ever is removing ads on this site it has it set way to high, i mean if it is the users themselves then that would mean that a group of guys or females are serial flaggers and are just doing it for kicks, and if it is a computerized or automated flagging then its sensitivity is set way to high, i created a email then i posted an ad, nothing that was out of the ordinary, no curse words or vulgar talk or even any pics, and i was flagged for removal within a week, and since then i have posted literally 45 ads one after another , all with different text, and different pics added , some fake and some real, and all were flagged for removal with in 2 days to a week, and the only way you can find out what or why this is happening is to use the craigslist forums which is like a chat room for all the users, and i am supposed to ask other users why i am being flagged and take their advice, but tell me this, if i have posted 45 ads all different than the next some with curse words and some with out, some with pics and some with out and everything i have tried fails, then WHAT IN THE HELL CAN THEY TELL ME THAT I HAVEN'T ALREADY TRIED!!?? Chat with horny girls free no credit card, meet and fuck no payment no sign up, quickmilf free chat with sexy hot girls on skype, free trial one on one. Upskirt sissy gets huge cock bareback deutsche amateure sex am strand. Advatages of breast feeding, dating rating rumprater com sex texas. If the court finds that the sexual relationship was consensual and the offender is not a threat. But unfortunately, lately, my usual tricks aren't pulling any women.As a guy who has had some success on CL, let me offer my thoughts.

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