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A more detailed history and examination of filk can be found in Tomorrow's Songs Today by Gary Mc Gath.

Related genres, as far as themes, are Heavy Mithril, which almost by nature qualifies at least as "found filk," Nerdcore, and .

Self-demonstration aside, "filk" is best described as the music of science fiction fandom, or at least, the music of the filk community.

Note there's a related phenomenon in the Second World, called "minstrel song" in Russia. Oh, and it almost never recycles melodies from older music.

I'm just a little sticker-shocked this year because my daughter starts college soon.

One semester at the Princess's school costs more than my first two cars put together.

The humor is often, but not always, parody (here defined broadly as "new lyrics," not only the ones referencing the originals — see Parody Satire Pastiche) — some filkers are specifically parodists, some do both parody and original, and many only do original work.

Some even specialize in "refilking," parodying others' original filk songs.

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The term originated as a typo in a proposed essay for an SF fanzine in The '50s.

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