Cities with the most interracial dating dating 101 decode his body language

It shouldn't be crazy to see two people of different backgrounds walk the streets hand in hand and honestly if you don't like looking at it then don't.Now It's flattering, really, but me being in an interracial relationship isn't going to change the world. I don't what I'm going to do with that information but thanks for disclosing!She'd like to think that she's a Phoebe in her group of friends (but lowkey knows that she's a Chandler).

New York is noted for its cosmopolitan nature and its diverse background.

I can vouch for Pittsburgh, but I was surprised to see Reading and Lancaster on the list.

Minneapolis, Minnesota — is one big city where interracial dating is widely accepted too.

That being said, stereotypes are only stereotypes if we continue to encourage them.

So let's just eat this cake of smiles and rainbows and be happy.

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