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Imoru also is a well versed Actor, Director, Writer who carries a Ph D and an array of credits in the entertainment industry covering thirty years and twenty one countries.

“The films in the exhibit singular directorial vision while sharing a common commitment to challenge audiences to step outside their comfort zones,” says Slamdance Beyond programmer, Josh Mandel.

Cast: Christine Moore, Daegan Palmero, Brisco Diggs, and David Breen III Love After TIme (Taiwan) Director: Tsai Tsung-han After a nuclear explosion, two mutant humans fall in love. Cast: Sid Lucero, Annicka Dolonius The Order of the Orchid (USA) World Premiere Director: Alex Italics A lonely spinster’s failed attempt at arranging flowers summons an ominous shadowy figure that sends her into a psychedelic netherworld to confront her own mediocrity. Randolph Santa Ana (Spain, USA) North American Premiere Director: César Pesquera Part art-film, part documentary, Santa Ana aims to elucidate the link between evil and the famed Santa Ana winds, extremely dry down-slope winds in Southern California supposedly responsible for a tense, uneasy, wrathful mood among the people of Los Angeles.

Cast: Lee Hong chi, Nana Lee Manila Death Squad (Phillipines, USA) Director: Dean Colin Marcial An ambitious journalist challenges the leader of a violent vigilante group to a high-stakes drinking game. Steve’s Kinkoes (USA) World Premiere Director: Emma Debany A man copies posters for his missing (and dead) cat at an otherworldly 24/7 photocopy shop. Cast: Timmy Gibson, Chance Bartels, John Archer Lundgren again will be covering the Slamdance Film Festival this year leading up to and reporting LIVE on the ground at the Treasure Mountain Inn Headquarters in Park City, UT.

Cast: Daveed Diggs, Antwon, Signor Benedick The Moor Information Superhighway (USA) World Premiere Director: Mathew Nelson A man participates in an experiment to test artificial intelligence in driverless cars.

Cast: Luke Banham, Elias Harger, Anna Faye Hunter , Michael Lee Little Wonder (USA) World Premiere Director: Jojo Carlman This refreshing tale of puppet sexuality follows Username: Stray_Cat as he trolls internet dating sites and vaguely meditates on the loneliness of death.

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